Download the Consent Counts flyer here.


It is important that we talk about where we go from here to make sure that laws that protect people from things like battery aren't used against the BDSM/Kink/Leather (add any others that are appropriate) communities.


Click here to read and download a free copy of the discussion guide that you can use to gather input from your local community.


The resource is a series of discussion questions for your local community.  It can be used at meetings such as a munch, workshop, club meeting or discussions within your own leather family.  This might take an hour or could be a series of discussions.  The answers your community arrives at begins to build a community or a grass roots view of what it will take to work towards the goal of decriminalization of BDSM. The public process will also create an infrastructure that can be used a resource as the decriminalization work continues over the years.


Click here to report your findings.


You can download the Consent Counts stickers. You can print them on Avery stickers #8462 or equivalent.




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Download the Consent Counts workshop here


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